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Billy hypnotist

About Coach Billy G.

Bill Gonzales a Consulting Hypnotist, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) coach, and Peak Performance coach, ready to bring a transformative and engaging experience to your event. Recently featured and interviewed on Discovery Channel Norway, Bill is recognized as a speaker who seamlessly integrates entertainment and education using Stage & Street hypnosis, NLP, Psychology and Mental Health Awareness and understanding of achieving Peak Performance into high-impact seminars, offering profound educational talks.

Professional Offering:

Bill's commitment is to provide your audience with an unparalleled experience, going beyond captivating stage presence to delve deep into the core of personal growth and mental wellness. His practical understanding of the mind, showcased in the recent Discovery Channel feature, serves as a testament to his credibility and practical knowledge.


Focused Expertise:

While Bill is an author of influential works, including "Hypnosis 101" and "Mind Mastery," these books serve as complementary resources to the rich content he brings to each presentation. The emphasis is on delivering actionable insights, fostering an environment where individuals and organizations can unlock their full potential.

Balanced Seminars:

Bill's seminars strike a delicate balance between entertainment and education. Each session is designed to provide not only an engaging performance but also valuable knowledge applicable to attendees' personal and professional lives by showing them visually how our thoughts, words, and patterns affects our behavior and beliefs.


Unique Style:

As one of the few speakers who offer a distinctive blend of stage hypnosis and deep educational talks, Bill brings a unique style that sets him apart in the realm of mental wellness and peak performance. Through this keynote style, it will surely have a deep impact for every audiences.


Transformative Experience:

By inviting Bill Gonzales to your events, keynotes, and seminars, you secure a distinguished expert committed to providing a transformative experience. His contribution extends beyond the stage, offering your audience practical tools for achieving mental wellness and peak performance and breaking their self limiting beliefs.


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