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Consulting Hypnotist Masterclass
(International Certification)

August 24, 25, and 26, 2024


(3 in 1 Certification Course)
Consulting Hypnotist - Certified Hypnotist - Certified Hypnotherapist

Unlock the power of the mind and start your transformative journey with the Consulting Hypnotist Masterclass Certification by Coach Bill Gonzales, a Consulting Hypnotist, NLP Coach, Manifestation coach and Peak Performance Expert.

Who Can Enroll?

This masterclass is designed for individuals seeking to enhance their skill set or explore a new and fulfilling career path. You don’t need to have experience in hypnosis to enroll. Ideal candidates include:

Coaches and Mentors: Enhance your ability to connect and influence, adding a powerful tool to your coaching toolkit.

Psychologists and Mental Health Advocates: Deepen your understanding of the mind and offer additional therapeutic interventions.

Public Speakers and Trainers: Develop captivating presentation skills and captivate your audience on a profound level.

Educators and Leaders: Integrate hypnotic techniques into teaching for enhanced engagement and effective communication.

Those Exploring a New Career: Open the doors to a lucrative and rewarding profession as a Consulting Hypnotist.



Php 35,499.00 (until April 30, 2024 ONLY)







Contact us to inquire: 


(whatsapp, viber, telegram)

Early Bird Rate: 

Php 45,499.00 (May 1- June 30,2024)


Regular Rate:

Php 55,499.00 ( July 1 - Day of Certification)

Why Enroll?

Unlock a New Career Path: Become a Consulting Hypnosis, learn versatile skills applicable in various professional domains.

Financial Potential: Turn your newfound expertise into a thriving business or enhance your existing practice.

Empower Others: What’s fun in this career is that you can become a people of change. Learn to guide individuals towards positive change and personal growth.

Dynamic Learning Environment: A hybrid approach, combining online theory sessions with face-to-face practical applications, ensures a comprehensive and interactive learning experience.

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Course Highlights:


Foundational Understanding:  Explore the history of hypnosis, demystify its concepts, and understand different levels of consciousness.


Practical Techniques: Master the ABS formula, Hypnotic Language Patterns by Dr. Milton Erickson, various types of hypnosis, self-hypnosis, and practical applications in stage and street hypnosis.


Advanced Skills: Dive into crafting effective hypnosis routines, giving suggestions, and exploring deep trance states.


Certification Process: Gain hands-on experience handling real clients, conduct live demos, and create personalized inductions to earn your Consulting Hypnotist Certification.


What is Hypnosis?


Hypnosis is an altered state of consciousness, it is a state of mind where the mind is in a state of heightened focused attention and reduced peripheral awareness leading the person to be more receptive to suggestions.


What is a Consulting Hypnotist?


A Consulting Hypnotist is a trained professional who utilizes the power of hypnosis to guide individuals toward positive change, personal growth, and achieving specific goals. This specialized skill involves inducing a focused state of heightened suggestibility, allowing the individual to access their subconscious mind more readily.


Roles and Responsibilities:


1. Goal Facilitation: Consulting Hypnotists assist clients in defining and achieving personal or professional objectives, whether it's overcoming fears, enhancing performance, or breaking undesirable habits.


2. Customized Interventions: Tailoring hypnotic sessions to address the unique needs and aspirations of each individual, ensuring a personalized and effective approach.


3. Empowerment Through Suggestion: Utilizing suggestive techniques during the hypnotic state to encourage positive behaviors, thoughts, and attitudes.


4. Therapeutic Applications: While primarily focused on enhancing performance and well-being, Consulting Hypnotists can also address therapeutic needs, making it a versatile skill for mental and emotional well-being.


Key Skills of a Consulting Hypnotist:


1. Communication: Effective communication skills to establish rapport and guide individuals through the hypnotic process.

2. Empathy: Understanding and empathizing with the client's challenges, creating a supportive and non-judgmental environment.

3. Analytical Abilities: Assessing individual needs and tailoring hypnotic interventions accordingly.

4. Ethical Practice: Adhering to ethical standards in the use of hypnosis, ensuring the well-being and autonomy of clients.

5. NLP and Hypnosis: What makes a Consulting Hypnotist different from other therapists and coaches? It is their knowledge and skills in application and practice of Hypnosis and NLP.

Applications in Various Fields:

Coaching and Mentoring: Enhancing coaching sessions by incorporating hypnotic techniques for improved focus and goal achievement.


Therapeutic Practice: Offering hypnotherapy and NLP Therapy services for addressing issues such as stress, anxiety, and behavioral challenges.

Public Speaking and Training: Integrating hypnotic principles for dynamic and engaging presentations, captivations, and effective communication.

Education: Applying hypnotic techniques in educational settings to enhance learning experiences and student engagement.

Certification and Professional Practice:

A Consulting Hypnotist often undergoes rigorous training, earning certification through practical experience and theoretical knowledge. Certification signifies the individual's proficiency in guiding others through the hypnotic process ethically and effectively.


By becoming a Consulting Hypnotist, individuals can unlock a rewarding career path, offering transformative experiences for clients and contributing to their overall well-being.

Consulting Hypnotist Masterclass Certification Course Syllabus


Course Description:

Embark on a profound journey into the realm of hypnosis and transformation with the Consulting Hypnotist Masterclass Certification Course. Led by Bill Gonzales, a Consulting Hypnotist, NLP Coach, and Entrepreneur, this comprehensive program is designed for individuals seeking to harness the power of the mind and elevate their professional capabilities.

Course Goal:

The Consulting Hypnotist Masterclass Certification Course aims to empower individuals with the knowledge and skills to become proficient Consulting Hypnotists. Participants will gain a deep understanding of hypnosis, mastering practical techniques to guide others toward positive change, personal growth, and goal achievement. By the course's conclusion, attendees will possess the expertise to apply hypnosis ethically in various professional settings, creating transformative experiences for both themselves and their clients.


Total Number of Hours: 24-30 hours

Location: Hybrid class (online and in-person)

Course type: Certification


Bill Gonzales

  - Consulting Hypnotist

  - NLP Coach

  - Book Author

  - Manifestation Coach and Peak Performance Expert


Session 1: Building the Foundation of Hypnosis (Online)

Module 1: Introduction to Hypnosis and Historical Context (2 hours)

- Welcome and Introductions

- Overview of the Consulting Hypnotist Masterclass

- Historical Evolution of Hypnosis: A Journey Through Time


Module 2: Demystifying Hypnosis and Levels of Consciousness (2 hours)

- Dispelling Myths and Addressing Common Misconceptions

- Exploring Different Levels of Consciousness

- Q&A and Interactive Discussion


Session 2: ABS Formula and Types of Hypnosis (Online)


Module 3: Deconstructing the ABS Formula (2 hours)

- ABS Formula: Absorb Attention, Bypass the Subconscious Mind, Suggest or Stimulate the Subconscious

- Practical Applications and Case Studies


Module 4: Comprehensive Exploration of Hypnosis Types (2 hours)

- In-Depth Study of Various Hypnosis Approaches

- Practical Session on Self-Hypnosis Techniques


Session 3: Practical Techniques and Applications (Face-to-Face)


Module 5: Stage and Street Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy (4 hours)

- Art and Science of Stage Hypnosis

- Techniques for Street Hypnosis

- Practical Applications in a Controlled Setting


Session 4: Suggestibility Tests, Induction Techniques, and The Milton Model (Face-to-Face)


Module 6: Suggestibility Tests and Induction Techniques (4 hours)

- Conducting Suggestibility Tests

- In-Depth Study of Various Induction Techniques

- The Milton Model: Unlocking Advanced Hypnotic Techniques

- Hypnotic Language Patterns

- Hypnotic Weaponry


Session 5: Mastering Advanced Techniques (Face-to-Face)


Module 7: Crafting Effective Hypnosis Routines (4 hours)

- Strategies for Creating Tailored Hypnosis Routines

- Art of Giving Suggestions and Deepeners

- Exploring Different Levels of Trance States


Session 6: Culmination and Certification (Face-to-Face)


Module 8: Certification Process and Ethical Considerations (4 hours)

- Safely Bringing Subjects Out of Trance

- Hypnotic Gift or Benediction

- Well-Formed Outcome for Hypnotherapy Sessions

- Crafting Personal Induction Scripts and Styles

- Integration of NLP Techniques for Consulting Hypnotists

- Ethical Considerations in Hypnosis Practice

- Discussion on Various Career Pathways


Certification Ceremony and Practical Application (2-4 hours)

- Participants Handle Actual Clients

- Written Exam

- Live Demonstrations with Classmates

- Creation and Presentation of Personal Inductions and Routines

- Final Evaluation and Certification Ceremony


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